House prices are soaring, the fields are covered in pesticides, the forest have been raised to the ground -
we’ll need a whole lot of magic to solve this one!


Join Old Mab, a time traveling wanderer, for a performance of stories and songs.
She’s certainly seen a thing or two, and maybe she’ll sell you a broken hi-fi,
or maybe there’s more to her than meets the eye…

Landless weaves together the tales of yesteryear with contemporary accounts of land ownership and landlessness in the UK.

Using storytelling, spoken word and ballads,
based on historical sources, verbatim texts and embodied research.


In July 2022 I spent a 2 week residency in Oxford - one of the most unaffordable cities in the UK - interviewing people about the housing crisis.

From the interviews I created a series of spoken word pieces - one of the source materials for the play.


 It's getting hot in the city - Spoken Word Scratch performed at Oxford Poetry Library

Unexplained but not suspicious - Spoken Word Video